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about ymca

Our Background

Zambia Young Men’s Christian Association (Zambia YMCA) is a nationwide faith based youth movement and one of the oldest non-governmental organisations in the country. The main aims of the organisation are to help young people to make informed choices, to protect them from exploitation and neglect, and to ensure their full participation in society.

The movement endeavors to strengthen its ability to build strong and resilient youths families and communities.

The Zambia YMCA shall be prophetic and active in Christian fellowship, advocacy and self-help activities in order to empower and transform communities especially the youth in open and creative ways.

Empowering Young People for Africa Renaissance.

Our Strategic Plan

This strategic plan provides the basis for the implementation of our mandate from 2020 to 2023, and is meant to give our volunteers and staff direction in their work as well as guide the operations of Zambia YMCA during the next four years.

Together with other operational plans, this strategic plan will give the much-needed direction for our members of the board, staff and volunteers to use in monitoring and managing Zambia YMCAs operational performance. We also intend to use it as a means to communicate our focus areas for the stated period as well as for lobbying for support from prospective donors and partners. It is our belief that this plan will also help us in allocating resources to activities that will effectively contribute to our vision, which is the development and empowerment of young people in Zambia.

about ymca
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